A Bit of Bio


My name is Radhika Singh, and I’m a political science major at Colorado College with a minor in Middle Eastern Studies. I’m an aspiring journalist, though deeply woeful about the state of the industry. But I’ll leave the pessimism to those freaks who believe in global warming (just kidding) and doomsday fanatics (a Reuters poll says almost 22% of Americans believe the world will end in their lifetime)!

I grew up in Bangkok, Thailand until I was fourteen, and then moved to Bangalore, India for my first few years of high school. I went on to get an IB diploma at the United World College (although its called college, it’s really just high school) in Pune, India. My next stop was Colorado College, a liberal arts establishment in Colorado Springs. While I was there, I studied abroad in both Israel, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Living and experiencing the vast differences between each of these countries inspired me to write this blog. The issues that plague them are vastly different, but equally intriguing. And equally important to me.

So through some keen observation, it’s probably pretty clear that I love politics, writing and traveling. But unless you’re some super-sleuth (very cool) or a stalker (leave right now), you probably don’t know that I am quite the chef, although some jealous people have tried to persuade me otherwise, and that I can probably eat spicier food than anyone you know.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog. Please leave comments and suggestions, and contact me about anything.


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